History of the IHRA
March 1, 1992 Meeting at Chehaw Park

Albany attorney Jerry Brimberry (front row 2nd from left), had recently become the proud owner of a Harley Davidson.
One evening, coming back from dinner in his vehicle, Jerry and his son, Jay, were at a stop light, when Harley riders, Jerry Johnson, Mark Lewis and Joe Frizone, pulled up to the light. Jerry rolled down his window and exchanged greetings and addresses.
The first meeting was held in September, 1990, with about 6 or 7 persons in attendance...thus the IHRA was born.

On the 10th Anniversary meeting of the IHRA, on September 2000, because of his performance and extraordinary service to the IHRA and with the unanimous vote of all the members, Jerry Brimberry was indoctrinated as an IHRA Lifetime Member.


IHRA Co-Founder

Jerry Brimberry


In January, 2008, Floyd & Judy Gleaton, upon unanimous vote of all the members, were indoctrinated as the 1st couple to be IHRA Lifetime Members. Floyd passed in December 2011 and Judy, 2 months later in February, 2012.


                            Floyd & Judy Gleaton



                                                         Jerry Brimberry        1991 to 1994

                                                         Joe McCollum          1995

                                                         Paul Murray               1996

                                                         Phil Bush                   1997

                                                         Ed Miller                     1998

                                                         Paul Murray                1999 to 2009                                                      

                                                        Mike Cross                   2010; 2011
                                                         Paul Murray, Acting     2011
                                                         Roger Sullivan             2012
                                                         Mike Cross                   2013
                                                         Ricky Collins                2014
                                                         Jim Williams                2015 to 2017
                                                          Paul Murray                  2018